Gillette On Demand

Gillette is an American brand of safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies, owned by the multi-national corporation Procter & Gamble (P&G). Gillette On Demand was born out of a the change in consumerism for the online marketplace. 

Role: Product Designer

Responsibilities: user research, user flows, information architecture, wireframes, prototyping, usability testing.

Optimal Workshop
User Testing
User Interviews

Bringing Digital to Gillette

Intro 👋🏼

In the digital razor market subscription platforms such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, among others, were dominating.  It was our job to redesign the existing Gillette On Demand web app and give it a complete UX and front-end overhaul. 


Challenge 😅

Maintain or improve site score on performance and SEO 🛠

Overhaul and launch a web app in four months.

Increase revenue, users, and basket size 🛒

Ensure that the hand off from the agency to us was seamless.

Improve site accessibility 💡

Making sure nothing would fall through the cracks.

Process 👏🏼 

Benchmark and Usability Testing


Improvements that needed to be made to existing site:

Value Prop: The concept of subscriptions make consumers uneasy, and many did not understand why they should prefer an online service over their normal Brick and Mortar experience.

Register: Consumers disliked the requirement of creating an account to checkout.

Layout and copy: The layout of the product information on the product pages wasn’t fully utilized.

Product Selection:  A large portion of consumers surveyed were mostly making purchasing decisions upon cost.

Information Architecture: users struggled with navigating the site.

User Research

As-Is Empathy and Affinity Maps - Gillette did not have predefined personas for their digital product, nor even for their brick-and-mortar users.  The summarized target was “18-40 years old and uses a systems razor”.  There was less definition in the digital subscription space, where DSC and Harry’s champion affordability and the “little guy”.  We needed to have an understanding of who their current user base truly is to best target with the new design.

Personas - We created two personas, one for the existing Gillette customer and one for the prospective user. The “Cool Suburban Dad” looking to be in the cutting edge, and a “Gillette Loyalist” who wants to break the “dad” mold, is a legacy customer and wants to elevate his shaving experience.  An additional persona of note was the “Career-Driven Gen Z”, who feels that what he buys, its price, and the mission behind it, impact his appearance. 


Through Optimal Workshop, I led studies in card sorting and tree mapping to determine the information architecture of the website.


User flows which I made using Sketch were part of the handoff to development.



Results 🙌🏼


So how did we do? We had a successful launch on March 25, 2019.  We saw major improvements along most dimensions.  After launching our new site, we continued to iterate and also provide new products over 2-3 months following our go-live date..

  • User growth of 35% ✅
  • Revenue growth of 150% ✅(new products → increased basket size)
  • Met user goal of increased product assortment ✅
  • Site speed became 50% faster ✅
  • Improved Lighthouse score ✅

Selected Works