Principal Asset Management

Principal Asset Management, a prominent investment firm, wanted to revitalize their outdated website in order to better convey expertise and strengthen their brand identity. The existing site had an unappealing visual design and ineffective communication of the firm's investment philosophy. Our team partnered with Principal to create a new website that uses compelling content, intuitive navigation, and responsive design to showcase the firm as an industry leader and provide an elevated user experience.

Role: UX Designer

Responsibilities: user research, user flows, information architecture, wireframes, prototyping, usability testing.



Key Objectives

✍🏼 Improve user experience by creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface that   facilitates easy navigation and seamless access to information.

✍🏼 Enhance brand identity: Establish a consistent and compelling brand presence throughout the website, reinforcing Principal Asset Management's reputation as a trusted investment partner.

✍🏼 Showcase investment insights: Provide a platform for sharing valuable investment insights and market commentary, attracting potential clients and establishing thought leadership.



We conducted in-depth user research to understand the needs, preferences, and pain points of the target audience, including investors, financial advisors, and intermediaries.

Key Takeaways:

 •    When we interviewed FA customers, they painted a clear picture of the experience they wanted.

•     Most FA's are laser focused on the details of a particular financial product.

•     They wanted to get to a specific product as quickly as possible.

•     They wanted to skip to specific categories of information.

•     The next step is to send out PDF's or links of a selected product to peers and clients.

Information Architecture

Visual Design

Prototyping and Testing

Developed a clear and intuitive information architecture that effectively organizes the website's content and ensures easy navigation.

Created a modern and visually appealing design that aligns with Principal Asset Management's brand identity, utilizing a clean and sophisticated color palette, typography, and imagery.

Iterated through multiple prototypes, conducting user testing to gather feedback and refine the design based on user interactions.

Results 🙌🏼

To ensure success and cohesion with the parent brand, during our development of our concepts, we brought the Principal creative into weekly working sessions where we were able to talk through where the brand was going and explore what the edges of the sandbox were for Principal Global.


Selected Works